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Cardiac Rehabilitation Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation Services provides a Phase Two Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise service that is a safe, professionally monitored exercise program for patients who have undergone a heart event, such as a heart attack, stent placement, cardiac bypass surgery, etc. It is a program ordered by the patient's physician and coordinated by the physician's office and Mahnomen Health Center's Cardiac Rehab nurse.

The program is generally covered by insurance and Medicare and allows the patient to attend brief, yet highly beneficial, sessions two to three times per week for six to twelve weeks. Session times and programs are mutually coordinated between the patient and Cardiac Rehab nurse to best suit the patient's needs. Nutrition and heart healthy living education sessions are included in the department's supportive and compassionate atmosphere. The Cardiac Rehab nurse communicates with the patient's Cardiologist or Physician to provide patient updates and progress.

Mahnomen Health Center also offers Cardiac Rehab Wellness sessions. Wellness sessions are for patient's who have completed the Phase Two program successfully and want to continue their cardiac rehabilitation with trained staff supervision.

The goal of Cardiac Rehabilitation is to restore the precious heart muscle to an optimal level of functioning in order for the patient to improve their quality of life and to reduce the patient's risk of re-injury.

For questions, please contact our Cardiac Rehab nurse or your doctor with questions.

Contact: Ryan Gast, RN or Terri Bergerson, Director of Nursing