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Mahnomen's Ambulance Service offers the following Emergency Management Services (EMS):

  • Advanced Life Support Response and Transport
  • Basic Life Support Response and Transport
  • Long Distance ground transport
  • Coordination with Air Ambulance transports
  • Community Outreach Programs
    • Free Community CPR Classes; contact Training Center staff at 935-9426.

Staff Trained in Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, EKG interpretation, Pediatric Life Support, and other staff training sessions.

If you are interested in becoming a Paramedic or EMT, please contact MHC for information.

Drivers' Responsibilities as an Ambulance Approaches:

  • Always give way to emergency ambulances displaying lights and audible warnings
  • Do not brake or change directions quickly
  • Slowly pull over to the right of the road and stop
  • Do not block junctions or driveways
  • If you are at traffic lights, wait for lights to change to green and then pull over to the right and stop
  • When the ambulance has passed, check your mirrors and indicate before pulling out onto the roadway again.

Contact: Mike Bunker - EMS Manager